Academic Leadership Level 2: One Step Beyond

Academic Leadership Programme ... (For Level 1 Participants Only!)
One Step Beyond.


Science thru Colours: training programme for professors only

As a participant to our Academic Leadership Journey level 1, you have strengthened your academic leadership skills, starting from insights in your personal preferences, increasing your ability to respond consciously in interactions rather than to react, choosing more deliberately which leadership style to use towards different people in different situations and applying the basic building blocks of effective teamwork. 

In Academic Leadership Journey level 2, we take the next step. A step towards agile, shared leadership, aware of and connected to the specific world you have to strive and thrive in as an academic leader. A step towards taking an even bigger claim as a leader on the difference you want to make with your group and the strategic direction you want to take. To deepen your understanding of the context you work in, fully tap into your purpose and be ready for the next challenge as an academic leader.

Programme description

Embracing leadership

  • Your journey as a leader: developing your learning agenda based on the  feedback you receive concerning your personal strengths and learning edges throughout a 360° feedback prior to the training
  • Choosing deliberately to be a leader and take your claim: why should people follow you?
  • And what about “shared leadership”: how to get team members to take up full commitment?

Developing a compelling purpose and strong strategic narrative

  • Developing a strong strategic narrative
  • Engaging team members to take up ownership to make it happen, step by step
  • Presenting your story successfully to different stakeholders to strengthen your network and to convince external parties to join & support your dream

The science of teams

  • Balancing leading & following group dynamics within your team
  • Facilitating fair decision-making processes
  • Constructively dealing with tensions and conflict in your team
  • Stimulating a team culture in which differences in opinion and background are welcomed

Installing an agile and innovative team culture

  • Stimulating out-of-the-box thinking
  • Developing agility: incremental improvement by continuous feedback
  • Combining experimentation (“Good enough for now, safe enough to try”) with excellence

Navigating the complexity of the academic research field

  • Engaging stakeholders inside and outside of the university and  convince external parties to join & support your dream.
  • Creating common ground in multi-party collaboration
  • ensuring continuity when the composition of your team changes (again); building your team is a continuous process

What can you expect?

Mix of theory & practice: it’s your journey – take the driver’s seat

The program is built around a carefully chosen set of frameworks that are applied to real cases.

You take the driver’s seat: based on the intake session and the inputs of the 360° feedback you choose, together with the group the topics you want to work on.

Each participant has an individual intake session with the trainers prior to the group session, to discuss his/her specific questions and interests and to explore challenging situations. Six to eight weeks after the programme we organize an “outtake” interview during which we translate the frameworks and tools offered into your personal “best practices”. A final integration of your lessons learnt.


Just like in our first journey, the main objective of this journey is not to learn by understanding but to acquire new practices & skills by doing, by taking risks, by giving and receiving feedback from your peers. And, since it is your second time to participate in this kind of journey, we also go one step beyond in this regard. We challenge you and the other participants to continuously give & receive feedback on how you see each other act as a leader, thus making the learning process even more life changing than the first Journey.

Learning group of peers, cross universities, cross disciplines

We work with a group of professors only who have all participated in an Academic Leadership Journey level 1, in order to increase the opportunities for an open and interesting exchange of experiences. This creates a unique openness to talk about your own questions, cases and challenges.

Residential in-depth journey of 3 days (& nights)

The fact that the programme is organized residentially, ensures that you immerge fully in this Journey. It is 3 days in a row, starting the evening before, away from your normal daily environment, working on and talking and discussing about academic leadership from early in the morning till late at night

The coaches: carefrontation

As trainers we ensure a safe environment to discuss and experiment. We act as a “mirror”, confronting you with your perceptions, assumptions and behaviours on the one hand. And we provide tools and insights to improve your leadership skills on the other hand. The purpose is not to change you as a person but to broaden the range of tools and behaviours that you have at your disposal as a leader.

Download Invitation STC 2.pdf


  "The lonely genius who is inventing smart solutions in his or her own world is becoming, or already is, an extinct species. Academic research is increasingly conducted in teams" (*)


(*)Verbree, Maaike, Dynamics of Academic Leadership in Research Groups. 2011