Grand Tour

What you can expect of this journey ?

Personal Learning PathINTAKE COACHING Session: 

Our journey starts with a personal intake coaching session.  We make time to identify your personal learning objectives, explore your personal situation and how you see the future and collecting material to work on during the group sessions (cases, situations).  This is also the start of the personal track in the Academic Leadership Journey.  Also during the group sessions your coach will be available for help, support and mirroring in your individual path.  These moments and other observations the coaches have made will be used for the outtake coaching session. Of course all discussions and sharing will be kept confidential.


Mix of theory & practice

The program is built around a carefully chosen set of frameworks that are applied to real cases of the participants.

Each participant has an intake interview with the trainers prior to the group session, to discuss his/her specific questions and interests and to explore challenging situations.

This way we guarantee that the frameworks that are offered are relevant and that each exercise is built around real-life situations of the participants.

6 to 8 weeks after the programme we organize an “outtake” interview in during which we translate the frameworks and tools offered into your personal “best practices”. A final integration of your lessons learnt.

Learning group of peers, cross universities, cross disciplines

We work with a group of professors only in order to increase the opportunities for an open and interesting exchange of experiences. The fact that the group consists of professors from different universities and different disciplines, offers multiple perspectives for all participants. This creates a unique openness to talk about your own questions, cases and challenges.

Residential in depth journey of 4 days (& nights)

The fact that the programme is organized residentially, ensures that you immerge fully in this Journey. It is  4 days in a row, away from your normal daily environment, working on and talking and discussing about academic leadership from early in the morning till late at night

The coaches: carefrontation

As trainers we ensure a safe environment to discuss and experiment. We act as a “mirror”, confronting you with your perceptions, assumptions and behaviours on the one hand. And we provide tools and insights to improve your leadership skills at the other hand. The purpose is not to change you as a person but to broaden the range of tools and behaviours that you have at your disposal as a leader.

OUTTAKE COACHING coaching session

After the group sesson you will be asked to do some homework (eg. tracking your progress regularly and evaluating yourself in using the tools and insights).  In this outtake session (some months after the group session) we focus on further translating the tools and insights to your personal challenges, looking for ways to integrate into personal best practices, we take time to also address specific topics and cases which are on your way and make a plan for the future).

More information on the content of the program here